Moringa moisturizing and nourishing anti-hair loss styling ointment 100ML

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Achieve fuller hair and promote a healthy scalp the natural way with our shea butter and moringa styling pomade!

Give your scalp what it needs to promote healthy , vibrant hair growth ! Specially formulated to stimulate excellent hair growth and reduce the problem of hair loss, our anti-hair loss styling pomade, rich in shea butter and moringa , has the effect of repairing your hair and scalp, improving the condition your hair and soothe itchy scalp!

Hair care for more volume, shine and softness

As well as adding thickness to your hair, our hair cream boosts shine and elasticity , and can revitalize dull , brittle locks. It's also a natural intensive conditioner for soft, shiny and bouncy hair, whatever your hair type!

100% natural formula for healthier hair

Made from natural ingredients , including oils and organic botanicals , our styling pomade is a powerhouse of beneficial properties that will make your hair healthier!

It contains moringa rich in vitamin E which considerably softens and nourishes your hair, thus promoting its growth , or even shea butter which also has many proven benefits such as hydrating and revitalizing your scalp.

Simple application method

Wash and dry your hair, then apply the hair pomade, making sure to massage your scalp well. Your hair follicles will receive the necessary nutrients to rejuvenate! You can of course combine our hair care with other hair treatments such as shampoos and conditioners.


- Boosts scalp health and promotes hair growth

- Strengthens hair and restores its natural shine and luster

- Helps keep hair voluminous, shiny, soft and manageable

- Perfectly adapted to all hair types: women or men

- Contains ingredients of natural origin for a gentle treatment of hair and scalp


Name: Hair loss styling pomade

Quantity: 100ml

Ingredients: Shea butter, moringa, olive oil,

Moringa , which is a plant

Moringa leaves.

Moringa moisturizing and nourishing anti-hair loss styling ointment 100ML

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