Whether curly or frizzy, black and mixed hair when poorly maintained loses everything that makes it charming: volume, vitality, suppleness and shine.
Left to itself, it slowly withers and grows little or no more.
When you are a black person, the hair defines your identity. They represent a real social marker. Far from being distressed by it, on the contrary, it is necessary to take care of it.
Healthy hair works directly on your self and can:
Boost your morale
Boost your self-confidence
reassure you
Stimulate your body
And many others.
Black, curly hair represents the very essence of your body. It represents you: your charm, your determination, simply you.
It is therefore more than necessary to take care of it.
But when you stick to it yourself without any knowledge in the matter, you are quickly disillusioned.
Brittle hair, dandruff, poor maintenance, fragility, greasy hair, dry hair… So many problems encountered by the hair when it is subjected to treatments that are not suitable for it.
If you recognize yourself in our words, know that we offer the ideal for your frizzy and curly hair.
What if you no longer had any difficulty in combing your hair? What if each of your sessions with your hair no longer turned into a torture session? What if combing your hair was a source of pleasure and not of struggle? And if you let your hair live simply to make it regain all the shine, all the glory it has?
What if you simply trusted us?
Who are we ?
two frizzy hair enthusiasts.
Like many black women and men, we have also experienced tremendous difficulties with our hair. And like all of these people, we've had the frustrations, the abuse, the wrong products, the loss of vitality and shine in our hair.
But above all, we were able to see the influence it had on ourselves in the long term.
Hair in bad condition? Body in poor condition, weariness, lack of self-confidence, lack of self-assurance.
This time we take the lead and say No.
We are here to change things. We are here to allow all those people who are like us, who look like us, to regain all their confidence, all their joie de vivre. How ? Thanks to their beautiful hair.
The essence of our brand
Recognizing that there are very few, if any, brands dedicated to frizzy, curly hair that are black-led, we took it upon ourselves to create one.
A brand that resembles us and made by ourselves. Black hair by black people.
Many black people find it difficult to maintain and care for their hair as it should. Our brand exists to overcome this problem and give black hair all its vitality but above all all its beauty.