Anti-hair loss shampoo and restorative mask duo

€35,90 EUR

Get the repairing hair mask pack and its shampoo.

the products are paraben-free, sulphate-free and not tested on animals, therefore vegan. It includes a shampoo of 250 ML, a special repair mask also of 250 ML.

Our coconut oil mask is very rich in fatty acid and lauric acid.

These provide it with antimicrobial properties. In addition, coconut oil has the power to penetrate deep into the hair fiber to protect, nourish and hydrate it. Your hair will then be protected by all external aggressions on the one hand, but also repaired on the other hand.

In addition to this, coconut oil is composed of iron, vitamin K and vitamin E, which allows it to strengthen your hair in a natural way. Added to this is its detangling character which makes your hair easy to comb, even the most rebellious.

With our coconut mask, you will have the advantage of benefiting from a 100% natural product without sulfates or parabens.

Indeed, these elements gradually attack your hair. Simply apply the mask to the ends and lengths and leave for a few minutes for optimal results. Also give volume to your hair with our coconut-based products.

Anti-hair loss shampoo and restorative mask duo

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