How to take care of frizzy hair, afro?

How to take care of 4C frizzy hair?

Treating your frizzy and curly hair properly gives you better control over your hair's natural characteristics. By taking good care of your 4C frizzy hair, you will no longer have to struggle to look beautiful and vibrant.

Even if your curly locks are a real box of surprises, mastering professional techniques, as well as good knowledge of washing and maintaining your hair will be an asset for you for your natural beauty.

In this article, we are going to give you simple tips and advice to apply on a daily basis to take care of your frizzy hair 4C.

  • How to recognize 4C frizzy hair?
  • Do you know how to differentiate 4C hair from 4A, 4B curls and type 5 curls?

    Here's how to recognize them: the main feature of these locks is the zigzag-shaped locks that form almost imperceptible curls. Normally, 4C hair is very fine and dry, so knots can form quite easily, not in the middle, but at the ends.

    If people with type 4A and 4B hair form have their hair strands form curls more easily, those with type 4C hair have to invest in texturizing techniques to take care of their hair, unlike people who have who have type 5 frizzy hair.

    You understand that type 4A and 4B frizzy hair curls more easily, and the formation of knots is much more obvious, while type 4C hair has the advantage of not curling easily. Each type of hair will require special care.

  • How to clean 4C frizzy hair?
  • A special technique for detangling the hair, the pre-fist:
  • Before moving on to washing itself, you can apply this technique which consists of applying specific creams or vegetable oils to the locks 30 minutes to an hour before washing. Once these products are in the strands, the next step is to undo the knots using your own fingers.

    This step reduces the long minutes used to detangle curly hair and prevents breakage due to over-handling. In addition, it prevents shampoo from drying out strands, which, like other types of curls, already have a greater tendency to be dry at the ends.

  • Use a moisturizing shampoo, a sulphate-free hair range:
  • Moisturizing shampoos significantly reduce hair dryness.

    In addition to the pre-fist, choosing a shampoo suitable for curly hair is essential to avoid drying out. Moisturizing action shampoos are one of the best products for 4C frizzy hair, as they have the particularity of hydrating without damaging the hair, and are generally rich in vegetable oils and butters which are very moisturizing and nourishing for the hair. .

  • Wash frizzy hair 4C with moisturizing shampoo:
  • The way to wash curly hair of this type also makes all the difference: the shampoo should be applied only to the scalp and never directly to the lengths and ends. The cleaning of these areas of the hair is left to the foam that passes through the locks during the emulsion and the rinse. Another tip is to use gentle strokes with your fingers to avoid tangles and breakage when combing.

  • How and when to moisturize your frizzy hair 4C?
  • Curly, afro hair is naturally drier. And this happens because the oil produced at the root cannot reach the tips due to the "Z" shape of the strands. This can make them opaque, rough, without movement and with lots of curls, characteristics that no diva likes.

    To combat dryness and avoid these little problems, hydration is a treatment that cannot be missing in the routine of those with 4C frizzy hair. Hydration must be done at least once a week and with a specific mask for afro hair, favor mustard or avocado oils, the growth oil with chebe is an excellent product which promotes growth.

    Pay attention to the active ingredients of the composition and bet on formulas with ingredients with high moisturizing power such as flax seeds. Also bet on products containing shea butter, aloe vera and olive oil.

  • Think about the nutrition of your hair:
  • Due to the greater tendency to dryness due to lack of oil, nutrition ends up being the main step in the hair care program for 4C frizzy hair. The application of lipids will make your hair more manageable, soft, nourished and shiny, in addition to reducing curls.

    It is therefore worth investing in masks rich in super nourishing vegetable oils, or leavin such as the one from Naturalyblck. Coconut oil is a darling in the beauty world and treatment creams with this oil in the composition are one of the best options for doing 4C curly hair nutrition.

    In conclusion

    By applying these simple tips, you will understand that taking care of your hair if you have type 4C hair is not an easy task. All you have to do is follow these tips, and subscribe to our newsletter, so as not to miss the other articles in which we will give you even more tips for taking care of your hair.

    If you need more information to take better care of your 4C frizzy hair, do not hesitate to contact us

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